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Georgia situated on the historic Silk Road offers far more than you could imagine. The Caucasus mountain range stretching from the Black Sea in the west to Kakheti - the wine region in the east. Georgia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Europe. Its rich cultural and natural environment makes it an exciting destination for a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holiday at any time of the year. 

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Adjara Hiking & Fitness tour

From workouts on Black sea beach to hiking in Mtirala national park and workshops with a physiotherapist, join our active holidays in Adjara, Georgia.

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Transcaucasian Trail Hiking

Hike through the Transcaucasian trail in Georgia or Armenia. We will help you to plan a self-guided tour or organize your guided adventure in your chosen section.

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Alpine Lake Trekking Tours

Enjoy 3-day private trekking tour to stunning alpine lake in Caucasus mountains with a local guide and horse support that will carry heavy stuff.

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Short Hiking Trails Near Tbilisi

Join 1 or 2-day hikes near Tbilisi, explore narrow canyons labyrinth of Birtvisi and discover ancient tower and ruined medieval fortress. Book your trip today.

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Borjomi Winter Hiking adventure

Join our 5-day adventure in Borjomi and experience winter hiking to Lomi (Lomismta) mountain, horseback riding, and bathing in warm sulfur pools.

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Lagodekhi Summer Hiking Adventure

From Black rocks lake trekking to horseback riding to ruins of medieval fortress, and Gurgeniani waterfall hiking, tour in Lagodekhi national park has it all.

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Borjomi Autumn Hiking adventure

Join our 4-day adventure in Borjomi and experience trekking on a panoramic trail of lesser Caucasus, horseback riding, and bathing in outdoor sulfur pools.

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Horseback Riding & Trekking Tour

Experience adventurous river walks to Gurgeniani waterfall, hiking Black Rocks lake trail in Caucasus mountains, and horseback riding in the lush forests.



Hiking tour in Georgia Lagodekhi nationa

If the dates of adventure tours don’t work for you or you’d prefer a more personalized trip with a group of friends or family, we'd love to offer you the various tour packages that suit you best. 

Camp Caucasus team is thoroughly committed to excellence. 

Your happy trip with no hassle is our job.


Small Groups

Enjoy a friendly atmosphere of active, like-minded people in the comfort of guided small groups.

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Well-planned and organized tours for you to have a hassle-free holidays.

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24/7 Assistance

Get advice and tips about your tour and travel in Georgia. We cover all your concerns.


Zero Cancellation

Be confident as all our tours are guaranteed, even for one guest.


Check out our guests' reviews of summer adventure tours, Hear feedback about their experiences with us.

“So I got to share this incredible experience with the most amazing group of people, we did an expedition in the Georgian Caucasus Mountains trekking up to 3000 metres, seeing Black Rock Lake, averaging about 6-8 hours a day for the week, stayed in the wilderness, rode horses, hiked and climbed up to a waterfall, ate the most delicious food and wine, stayed with the most welcoming host family, shared some beautiful moments together making friendship bonds for life. Thank you to all who were a part of this little journey with me, if you ask me, I would say every human needs the wilderness to feel alive, free and well just plain happy 😊 We were also lucky enough to be a part of their new promo video, very grateful indeed! Nino and Pavels are the perfect pair to show you everything they know in Georgia, they have a relaxed friendly vibe and really show their passion with nature. I can't recommend them enough, sure to have a life-changing adventure!

— Stacey, UK

Hiking tour Lagodekhi national park Geor
Horse riding tour Lagodekhi national par

“Last week was my first experience with Camp Caucasus and first experience with mountain camping in general. In this case the organisers showed a high level of professionality organising these kind of camps. 1) organizational part was up to point; 2) organisers communicated with us properly before the camp to inform what to bring with us/what not to bring/what to expect/ what we will eat etc. in all aspects so I felt prepared; 3)in mountains we can never predict the weather percisely and I liked that organisers were open minded to change something in our scedual so we don't miss the most beautiful sights. 4) One thing I did not prepare myself was that the hiking in mountains was actually hard for me ( and I'm trained :), so be prepared physically. Another thing I did not prepare myself was generosity of Georgian people and a LOT of tasty food there. 🙃”

— Madara, LV

More testimonials about our adventure tours you can find on the Review page or Tripadvisor.

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