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Lagodekhi belongs to the Kakheti region which is the eastern part of Georgia. This place is widely known for Lagodekhi Protected Areas (Lagodekhi National Park) where you’ll come across amazing nature and animals. That’s why it’s identified as a special global eco-region and Important Bird Area by WWF. There are different hiking trails and camping opportunities in the Lagodekhi National Park and you can easily choose them based on your preferences.

One of the most popular trails in Lagodekhi National Park is Black Rocks Lake trail, which is also considered as one of the most difficult trails in Georgia. Black Rocks Lake is located 3000 meters above sea level. The hiking trail to this location is so special because of its views and different kinds of zones. There are so many rare animal and plant species in Lagodekhi National Park which will make your trip even more interesting. Most of them are included in the Red List. Throughout your hiking, you will visit alpine and semi-alpine zones. Also, there are different camping zones where you can always stay, have a picnic and restore your powers.

If you don’t have much time and are specifically interested in seeing Black Rocks Lake, Alpine Lake Trekking Tour may be the best option for you. The tour will give you the opportunity to visit the location, enjoy the amazing views and even get horse support for your equipment during three days.

There is definitely so much to see in Lagodekhi National Park. This place is also loaded with different small lakes, waterfalls and fortresses. Aside from the Black Rocks Lake, you can also visit Gurgeniani Waterfall which is located 8 kms away from the village of Gurgeniani. The beginning point of the trail starts from the Gurgeniani information center. The 40 meter-tall waterfall is situated on the Ninoskhevi river. The length of the trail is 9kms and it is considered as a quite difficult one because you have to cross the river several times and walk on the wet stones.

Another amazing location you can visit in Lagodekhi National Park is Rocho Waterfall also known as Black Grouse Waterfall. The trail is considered a medium difficulty one. Its length is 9,5 kilometers and starts from the Lagodekhi National Park Information Centre. The height of the waterfall is 6 meters. If you decide to visit the waterfall, you should go through the dense hornbeam forest which is also quite rare in Caucasus.

During your hike in Lagodekhi National Park, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the history of Georgia too. Here you’ll see the Machi Fortress which is a building from

around the IX century. The fortress is considered to be a summer house for the kings of Kakheti. You can also see the old church on the location. The spot is 10.5 kms away from the Lagodekhi National Park administrative center. Since there is a bridle path, you can go through the forest on horseback which will give you the opportunity to travel to the past.

If you have much time and want to explore the region deeper, you can also see the different parts of Kakheti. After the long, tiring hikes, on the fifth day of the Hiking adventure tour in Lagodekhi National Park, you will have the chance to walk in the streets of Sighnaghi, which is one of the most popular towns in Georgia. Sighnaghi is also called a City of love. Here you will see an absolute unique side of Kakheti and momentarily feel the difference between the wild nature and smoothed, sophisticated lifestyle of Kakheti. You will come across colourful, interesting buildings from XVIII-XIX centuries which easily describe the general character of the city. You can also visit local restaurants, cafes and cellars to taste Georgian authentic cuisine and wine, as well as European and international food.

Almost everyone knows that Georgia is the country of wine. Specifically, Kakheti which is located in the eastern part of Georgia, is the homeland to winemaking. It’s a proven fact that the vineyards have been there for about 8000 years and there are around 104 different grape species in total in Kakheti. When you visit this region, you should also try Georgian wine which they offer in the local cellars and wine restaurants.

How to get to Kakheti

Getting to the different parts of Kakheti is quite easy, as the marshrutkas are periodically leaving for the region. There are marshrutkas which leave for Kakheti from the Samgori and Isani Bus Stations. If you want to travel to Sighnaghi, you should catch marshrutka from the Samgori Bus Station. They leave every three hours during the day and the cost of the ticket is 10 GEL (3,50 Euros).

If you want to go to Lagodekhi, then you should head to the Isani Bus Station. The marshrutkas leave for Lagodekhi almost every hour. The cost of the ticket to Lagodekhi is 15 GEL (5 Euros).

If you prefer private transfer with the driver, Camp Caucasus can find a suitable option for you. All you need is to contact us here. Generally, private transfer price to Sighnaghi starts from 140 GEL (47 Euros) and the transfer to Lagodekhi costs at least 160 GEL (53,50 Euros).

Where to stay in Lagodekhi

If you decide to go hiking in Lagodekhi National Park, you will come across several camping zones in the area. One of those is Meteo Shelter which is located 11.5 meters away from the administrative center. As it’s also known, you have to register at the Visitors Center to visit the area.

Also, you can find almost every type of staying in Lagodekhi. You can stay at luxurious hotels, affordable guesthouses, small cabins and even exotic treehouses. For example, you have the opportunity to book the high class hotels such as Royal Palace Hotel or the exotic, small cabins like the Eco Village In The Forest. You can look through your staying preferences and have a glance at options here.


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