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Are you thinking to hit one of the sections of wild TCT? Great idea. It offers over 100 km long routes in 2 countries of Georgia and Armenia. It is not well known yet, so there are fewer people on the trail than in other countries. It’s up to your choice, it can offer high mountains, soft climate forests, food and cultural experience, 400 m summits and many more adventures. It does not matter if you are a weekend walker who wants to plan a vacation with kids or hardcore thru-hiker, you will find a section for you on the Transcaucasian Trail.


You can learn more about the trail in our article.

If you still have questions about which part to choose, is it safe, how to plan logistics, supply and so on or maybe you simply don’t have enough time for all research? We are here to help you plan a self-guided tours in Georgia, or organize your guided adventure. We are not offering a standard package price because it very depends on how many people are you, what kind of accommodation do you prefer and what part of the trail you like best. We always try to find prices and solutions which fit our guests, because we believe that nature should be for everyone. 

Feel free to fill-up the form below, even if you just need an answer on a small question we will be happy to help:

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adishi glacier svaneti hiking tour mesti
Self-guided Glacier tour in Svaneti

Spend 8 days in a stunning region of Svaneti. Take self-guided walks to picturesque glaciers of the Caucasus range: Chalaadi, Ushba, Adishi and Shkhara.

ushguli svaneti lamaria shkhara camp cau
Classic Mestia- Ushguli

Walk one of the most popular trails in Georgia with an audio guide at your own pace. Enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains in the Svaneti region. 

mestia svaneti self-guided walking tour georgia.jpg
Peaks & Valleys of Svaneti

Enjoy 5 days of hiking in a scenic region of Georgia - Svaneti. Walk under stunning Ushba and Tetnuldi peaks and learn about the past from the audio guide.

mazeri becho svaneti self-guided walking tour georgia.jpg
The Trails of Upper Svaneti

Book a 5-day tour to the picturesque Svaneti region. See the Ushba Glacier and fantastic Shdugra waterfall and enjoy views of the Great Caucasus mountains.


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Add optional experiences in villages at your self-guided walking tour in Svaneti.

To truly immerse yourself in the essence of Svaneti, you need to experience the local traditions up close. Don't miss the famous Svan hat masterclass with Maia who has dedicated her life to preserving her community's unique heritage. Or take a unique chance to make Svan Salt - an intensely aromatic condiment that adds a distinct Svanetian flavor to any dish. Indulge in the preparation and tasting of beloved Svan dishes like Kubdari, potato Elarge, and Chvishtari. But for the most adventurous guests, we offer masterclasses on ancestral gold mining techniques used in Svaneti.